Are lemons and cherries good together?

Our local shop, Camelot on Berkeley Road in Dublin 7, has recently started selling fruit and veg and has a lovely selection outside.  I called in to pick up some lemons to make another lemon drizzle cake and saw some lovely cherries on the stand too.  So I picked them up and on the way home, pondered whether the two ingredients would be good together.  A combination of lemon drizzle cake and cherries but in the form of muffins rather than cake.

Guess what?  It’s a great combination!  The only unfortunate thing is that I ate most of the cherries while making the cake which meant I could make 6 lemon drizzle muffins and only 2 with cherries.

So, I started off by making Lemon Drizzle Cake and at the end, I added some cherries to mix before spooning the lot into muffin cases.

Make sure the muffin cases are not filled more than 3/4 the way as they can spill over when they rise.

The cooking time and temperature are the same as the cake and all steps should be followed including pricking the muffins with a cocktail stick and pouring the lemon syrup over each muffin.

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