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A personalised mixtape every week from Spotify

Spotify recently introduced a new ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist and I’ve just discovered the feature. I was dubious as I had never heard of most of the bands on it, but I decided to give my customised playlist a whirl. Aaaaaaaand, IT WAS GOOD.

Spotify Discover Weekly | Emmy's Space
Spotify Discover Weekly | Emmy’s Space


In Spotify’s press release about the new feature, they say that

“It’s like having your best friend make you a personalised mixtape every single week”.

One of the things that I liked most about mixtapes made by other people was having a familiar song thrown in here and there. And my ‘discover weekly’ playlist did just that! There was a peppering of familiar songs –by Tom Vek, Grinderman, Eels, Beach House and The Knife. In fact, the song by The Knife was a live version of Heartbeats, which was different but so nice that it prompted me to make this other playlist full of my favourite tracks by The Knife.

Another thing I used to like on a mixtape was a cover version of a song I might know. Spotify has given me two of those: Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime by The Field (originally by The Korgis – has anyone ever heard of The Korgis? I hadn’t!) and a very chilled cover of David Bowie’s Let’s Dance by M.Ward.

Unknown to myself, I think I have been waiting for a feature like this to come along. I like keeping track of things and I like monitoring what I listen to. Alongside Spotify, I use LastFM to keep track of my listening and to find recommended artists. For this reason, I’m a bit over-protective of my Spotify. I asked someone to play Le Galaxie recently and they put on some football song about L.A. Galaxy by mistake and I started wonder how it might affect my LastFM / Spotify recommendations! Talk about first world problems….

Have you listened to your personalised ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist yet? Does it accurately represent you? If you’d like to follow me on Spotify and find my playlist, just click here to go to my profile.

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