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weekend picks | 13 May

Eating: I’m looking forward to checking out Elbow Lane Brew & Smokehouse on Oliver Plunkett Street in Cork for food this weekend.

Podcast: I listen to This American Life almost every week without fail. This weekend, I’ll be checking out the latest episode “Who Do We Think We Are?” as I travel between Dublin & Cork on the train. I use the Stitcher app for Android to listen to podcasts.



@karolinabadz Instagram
@karolinabadz Instagram

Instagram: @karolinabadz is doing really nice things with her instagram at the moment. Her photos are grouped in threes by theme – silhouettes, reflections, bikes, windows, doors, floors, birds. All beautiful 🙂 It’s just a shame that instagram has changed its algorithm and the photos don’t show up in order in my feed anymore.




Album: no, it’s not Radiohead for me this week, it’s Hopelessness by Anohni! 4 DEGREES is an amazing song. (although I do really like Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool too!)


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