The English Market, Cork

This morning I had to pick up something in town.  It was raining so I decided to park in Paul Street car park because I only had to pop to a shop on North Main Street and I wasn’t planning on spending too long in town.  When I got back to the car after running the errand, I realised that I had lost my parking ticket along the way.  Retraced my steps and finally found it but by then I had gone into the next hour of parking so I decided (grumpily) to head to The English Market for a coffee and a bite to eat.

The English Market, Cork’s famous food emporium, began trading as a market in 1788 making it one of the oldest of its kind.  It holds an abundance of food – from traditional style butchers to bread, fish to cheese, fruit and vegetables alongside little stalls to sample the delights of the market.  Today, I stopped into one of my favouries, The Sandwich Stall.  Across the way from K O Connell fish and next to The Real Olive Company is a stall with a good selection of salads, sambos and rolls and if you’re lucky you can grab a spot on one of their 6 seats to enjoy your lunch, a coffee and some people watching.  Today I was one of the lucky ones as I got to enjoy my cheese roll and americano alongside the fragrant lavendar and olive oil soap of the aforementioned Olive Company.

For less than €10 I had a delicious sandwich and coffee and I also got a tub of Sicilian hummus to take back to Dublin with me.

On I went to Cork’s Alternative Bread Company and picked up one of their Health Loaves.  Past the sizzling sausages of O Flynn’s Gourmet Sausages (and resisted picking up some to take home!) to On the Pig’s Back for some Gubbeen cheese.

Strolled around for another bit, soaked up the atmosphere before facing the rain again and going home.  Much cheerier after an hour well spent in one of my favourite places.

edit 15/05/11:  Found the following video of The English Market

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