JR street art tour of Berlin

Am just on the plane home from another fabulous trip to Berlin. The last trip to Berlin, while my father still lives there. Over the three years of his residency, I’ve been to visit 7 times. I’ve seen the Christmas markets, I’ve visited with Niall, I’ve hung out with my mum & I’ve even sung karaoke with Mary. I went to a supper club meal and got to know Yasmina, who on a subsequent visit, invited myself & Mary to a ‘dumpling diva’ kitchen-surfing party in her lovely apartment with 2 cute cats.

I went to Berlin Music Festival with Niall & his brother, Mark, in 2011, the weekend after Electric Picnic. All great times. And this weekend just gone, I spent in the great company of 2 former colleagues, who have become great friends! Our visit involved a ‘pilgrimage’ of sorts, the background to which, I’ll outline below.

A few weeks ago, on a sunny Saturday, I ended up doing a 9 hour correction stint in the office. On a break, I popped out for a sandwich and spotted a new addition to Dublin’s street art scene. The piece in question turned out to be a collaboration between Dublin’s Maser and French artist, JR.

Leeson Street, Dublin

I started following JR on twitter & instagram and saw that from Dublin, he had moved on to Berlin and was pasting large photos of people who were participating in his Wrinkles of the City project. I was transfixed by the concept and the images he was posting and I suggested to Denis and Joan that we make JR’s artwork the focus of our May weekend jaunt to one of Europe’s finest capitals. They were game, and so it was that we found ourselves cycling the length and breadth of Berlin in search of JR’s black and white, giant pasted images.

Gustav Mahler Allee, 25

There are purported to be 15 – 20 walls across Berlin featuring older Berlin residents images. We found 8 of them. They are impressive in photos, they are jaw-droppingly awesome in real life.

From the bridge at Warschauerstr.

Zirkus Shake

We all agreed that it was a fantastic aspect to our trip. We were taken off the beaten track and found some absolute gems as well as coming across some cool stuff en route to each paste up.

Berlin is a terrific city. I’ve been there often in the past three years, but each time is different. I’m going to miss my visits. That’s for sure.


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