Garden Makeover

Every year, about this time, I get an urge to do a garden tidy up and get ready for the nice weather (ha!).  Last year, I started this Pinterest board with inspiration for a garden makeover.  I didn’t get much done in our yard last year, as there is a limit as to how much I want to invest in rented accommodation, but the time has come again to start thinking about some little changes I can make:

  • Two weeks ago, I went to see a house with a friend who is thinking of buying.  In the garden of the house, the owner had a mirror on one of the walls I thought it was such a nice idea, especially for a small yard like mine.  I saw a nice round green one by Carolyn Donnelly in Dunnes Stores, but it would get ruined if left outside for too long, so I decided to keep an eye out for a second hand one.  Which I found at the Dublin Flea Market last week* for only €2!  It’s a piece of junk and the wooden frame has / had woodworm, but it’s fine because it’s just hanging in the yard (in the rain today!).
The pretty Carolyn Donnelly mirror in Dunnes Stores - too nice to hang outside....
The pretty Carolyn Donnelly mirror in Dunnes Stores – too nice to hang outside….
  • In Berlin a few weeks ago, we spent a lazy, sunny afternoon at the Urban Spree graffiti park in Friedrichshain where there was a kind of pop-up greenhouse project called Urban Greenhouse.  I picked up some large postcards when I was there, one of which depicted urban farming which in a sense is what I am doing when I am growing garlic and tomatoes etc. in pots in my yarden.  I took the postcards home with me, with the intention of framing the urban farming one and displaying it outside – again, I don’t know how weather resistant this will be.

I also looked into building this really simple bench in the yard last summer.  I found a tutorial outlining how to do it, using only some cinder block and pieces of wood: check out the link here.  I really like ideas like these that can help to maximise space in small yards.

Anyhow, the only step I’ve made so far has been to sweep up all the dead leaves that were hanging around after the winter.  We don’t even have any trees!!!

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