What grows in my garden #2

Last week, I wrote about the garlic that I’m growing in pots in my yard.  This week, it’s the tomatoes’ turn.  As I mentioned before, I got two tomato plants from Joan last year.  I’ll admit, I was worried when she gave them to me that I’d kill them like I do most plants.  However, luckily, they didn’t die and from those two tomato plants, I got bowls and bowls of sweet cherry tomatoes.

This year, for my birthday from Joan, I got a little packet of seeds and some growing instructions and I was on my own!  I followed the instructions and in the days after Saint Patrick’s day, I sprinkled some seeds into some egg trays and put them in the windowsill.  I watered them daily and tried to protect them from Ollie – I was mostly successful with this feat, but he did manage to upscuttle one tray on one occasion (and stick his paw in a tray on another occasion), but the tomato seedlings are hardy and they managed to sprout and grow.

I didn’t know how many seeds to sprinkle so I just went with a pinch for each tray and I’ve ended up with 45 little plants!  Two plants last summer yielded enough tomatoes for sauces and everything so imagine how over-run I’d be with 45!  I’ve already given some to my mother and grandfather and I’ll pass a few on to Joan and some other friends.  If anyone is reading this and is close to Dublin 7, I’d be happy to give away some more – just get in touch!

The next question is what to do with the plants.  Traditionally, tomato plants are held upright with canes.  However, when I was discussing them with my grandfather (a great gardener), he mentioned that you can place the pots up high and allow them to grow downwards.  I love this idea and I’m definitely going to try it with some of mine.  We have a flat roof above our kitchen, so I’m thinking that I could line some pots up at the edge and allow them to trail down.  It’d be like having a tomato curtain outside the back door!

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