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New Year’s Resolution 2015

Just before Christmas, Spotify prompted me to find out what my music profile in 2014 was.  I was shocked to find out that I listened to 27,507 minutes of music on Spotify alone over the year (that’s a little over 19 days!), but even more shocking was the fact that I listened to 50% American music (Pearl Jam!), 31% from the UK, but only 4% Irish music.

So, although it was nice that music took me places (as Spotify puts it), I would like to be more supportive of homegrown music in 2015.

That’s why I have made a resolution to listen to an Irish album a week for the year. I will use the #IrishSounds hashtag on Twitter to keep track of my listening and I will post the playlist weekly here. Feel free to get involved! I will be looking for suggestions.


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