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Sugar Detox

More energy? Better mood? Less irritable? More focus? If cutting out sugar promises those rewards, then sign me up! At least that’s what I thought when I heard from a friend that she had given up sugar for January.  This was swiftly followed by – “No way! I couldn’t live without bread!” and “There’s sugar in dairy?!?”


Bye Bye bread & cheese | Emmy's Space
Bye Bye bread & cheese | Emmy’s Space

Despite thinking that giving up sugar would be impossible, something in me was intrigued by the idea that cutting it out could lead to the benefits mentioned at the top of the post.  So, I took to the internet and started reading up on what a sugar detox entails and slowly, but surely, I came around to the idea that yes, I could actually commit to giving up sugar for three weeks.  And I eventually started to get a bit excited about the prospect.

I started a Pinterest board to inspire me. I started plotting some recipes and came up with a date range that could work for me. Detoxing from sugar means giving up alcohol. Certain commitments like my birthday and a trip to Norwich to see a friend meant that I couldn’t comfortably start to detox until 22 February.  Which is today!

I am writing this at the end of day one. And it hasn’t been too bad, although I did feel very hungry between lunch and dinner. The kind of hunger that I would normally have a slice of toast to satisfy.  Today, I had some almonds and a cup of mint tea. The food has been tasty – I roasted a chicken for dinner which I had with salad. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. But I realise that I will need some snack ideas for when that hunger hits between meals.

I’m planning on posting up a detailed food plan later in the week along with an update on how it’s going.


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