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Thinking of doing a sugar detox?

I spent a few weeks psyching myself up for the sugar detox – noticing what I was eating and thinking things like: “I won’t be able to eat this on sugar detox” or “This will have to go for good, once I give up refined sugar”. Beyond giving up sugar in coffee, I ate everything else. I had a month long “last supper” where I ate all the sugary things that came my way, all the while noting what I would and wouldn’t be able to have.  Alongside that mental prep of sorts, I also read everything I could get my hands on about giving up sugar.

I’ve compiled this list of links which I found helpful:

I Quit Sugar - Sarah Wilson
I Quit Sugar – Sarah Wilson

I Quit Sugar – Elma gave me a loan of the book and Sarah Wilson’s regime looks like the type of diet I can follow. There are some recipes which are good for detox, but mostly these will be good after the detox phase.

Chowstalker – unusual recipes

The Foodee – 21 Day Sugar Detox recipes

This article on how Nicole Mowbray gave up sugar.

Another article about the benefits Hazel Southam saw once she gave up sugar.


More links to come…..




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